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Michael Polin

As a senior practicing lawyer specializing in US international business and entertainment practice, Attorney Michael Polin is the founding tutor of the “Teach Me China” and “Teach Me America” courses.

  • Teach Me China

    The first time Michael Polin visited China in 1988 he realized what huge potential existed in the Chinese market.

  • Teach Me America

    The case studies referred to in the course offer invaluable business insight and significance, and are all based on real-life experiences and situations.

Anderson Wang

Anderson is a recognized mentor in personal growth, relationships and leadership. He has been tutored by top mentors in some of the world's leading institutes for personal growth.

  • Transformational Leadership

    Real leadership is the ability to make the people around you willing to create/achieve the vision you define.

  • Meaningful Communication

    Meaningful communication is essential if you want to develop closer and significant relationships with your superiors, colleagues, team members, customers and friends.

  • Entrepreneurial EI

    Business globalization has introduced new challenges for business managers, such as how to overcome regional differences when attempting to integrate corporate culture and introduce innovative enterprise management.