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Michael Polin

About the tutor

Michael Polin
As a senior practicing lawyer specializing in US international business and entertainment practice, Attorney Michael Polin is the founding tutor of the “Teach Me China” and “Teach Me America” courses. He is an entrepreneur with substantial business savvy and insight, and is also internationally recognized as a brand strategy master and marketing planning expert. He has worked as a strategic partner for many multinational companies, helping them to successfully enter Chinese and US markets and go on to further success. As a veteran of international commercial law, legal practice and business negotiations for more than 24 years, Michael Polin has considerable market insight and customer relationship management skills, and has also formed a unique understanding of international business dealings from first-hand experience. As well as an entrepreneur and legal professional, he is also one of the few practical training experts who truly understand Chinese and US market entry mechanisms, business skills, and success secrets. Michael's courses are practical, effective, realistic and applicable, and have been acclaimed by many entrepreneurs around the world for the constructive and humorous style in which they are presented.

Training experience:
Michael has launched a series of courses entitled“Teach Me Business” and also published commercial works and video products, which explain how to successfully conduct business in China and the United States from an entrepreneur's, investor's, and legal professional's perspective. He has given lectures on Chinese themes to audiences around the world.

Professional experience:
Michael has acted as special counsel for the Chinese Government and private enterprises, and has worked for multinationals doing business in China, Europe, and the United States. He hasalso served as chief legal counsel, trial attorney, executive management/CEO, business and financial consultant, deal-maker, investor, distributor, and entertainment producer.