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Anderson Wang

Anderson is a recognized mentor in personal growth, relationships and leadership. He has been tutored by top mentors in some of the world's leading institutes for personal growth. During studies at home and abroad, and after many years of international business experience, he has witnessed a blending of Chinese and foreign cultures, and developed a unique perspective and understanding of how to build healthy and meaningful international relations. He also has a wealth of practical experience in the fields of spiritual growth, psychological counseling, communication and leadership development.

Anderson favors a heuristic educational style, encouraging his students to learn, discover and experiment for themselves while sharing his own life experiences. Rather than a traditional authoritarian approach, he exudes empathy and sensitivity in his coaching. He is currently leading the Transformational Leadership, Meaningful Communication, and Entrepreneurial EI courses. In these courses he shares tips for personal growth and discusses how to develop self-awareness, how to realize leadership potential and how to establish harmonious business relationships across the world.

Education Background

Anderson has been tutored by over 10 of the top mentors in Canada's Haven Institute—one of the world's three leading institutes for personal growth. His mentors include neuroplasticity coach Mark Waldman; chakra balancing coach Carol Tuttle; Psychology of Vision coach Chuck; Virginia Satir’s Family Reconstruction Therapy coach Marie Lam; Clown-Gestalt therapy coach Rose Najia; Family Constellations coach Bert Hellinger; extrasensory perception (ESP) coach Laura Silva; body expression and energy balancing therapy coach Pankajl; Afro Energy dance therapy coach Chandra; and Integrated Evolutionary Systems coach Craig.