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Entrepreneurial EI

Course Overview

Business globalization has introduced new challenges for business managers, such as how to overcome regional differences when attempting to integrate corporate culture and introduce innovative enterprise management. For business managers, problems can only be handled successfully with positive thinking, superior management skills and a high EI. Many Chinese and international researchers has already proved that EI is an important psychological quality that can heavily influence career success or failure. But until now, how EI can lead to success has remained a topic of debate. By studying the expertise of others and integrating his own international experiences in work and life in general, Anderson has formed his own unique insights. In Entrepreneurial EI, he will explore the following questions with you:

Course Features

  • What is EI?
  • How do you recognize false high EI?
  • How do you handle one of the most destructive emotions: anger?
  • What are the underlying causes of negative thinking?
  • How do you express your own emotions in an effective and controllable way?
  • Learn how to avoid physical discomfort and broken relationships resulting from repressed real emotions.
  • Learn in a safe and open forum that offers you various tools to express negative feelings.
  • Explore your own energy, so you can embrace it and direct it properly.
  • Learn how to manage your emotions, create healthy personal relationships and to ultimately achieve greater success.

Other course features