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Meaningful Communication

Course Overview

Meaningful communication is essential if you want to develop closer and significant relationships with your superiors, colleagues, team members, customers and friends. In international business activities, business managers need good communication skills and also an awareness of cultural differences with communication. After first-hand experience of cultural diversity and a desire to refine communication between Western countries and China, Anderson created the Meaningful Communication course, which offers new ideas on how to fundamentally address various communication barriers.

Course Features

  • Meaningful Communication encourages you to explore the secrets between communication and relationships, and to discover the underlying motivations of communication with others. In this course you will learn techniques for success and happiness.
  • Introduces skills for effective communication
  • Helps you understand the personalities of people around you and how to get along with them
  • Teaches the psychological functioning mechanism in communication
  • Teaches methods for handling positive and negative feelings in relationships
  • Teaches how to handle high-energy communication and to overcome communication barriers caused by inner fear
  • Teaches the differences and various taboos between cultures
  • Teaches the principles of effective communication and the various taboos that exist in China, helping you to successfully cooperate with Chinese partners
  • This course will lead to more successful business opportunities through effective communication and cooperation