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Transformational Leadership

Course Overview

Real leadership is the ability to make the people around you willing to create/achieve the vision you define. This is vastly different from driving higher performance by power and control. Transformational Leadership is designed to enlighten you, inspire your leadership potential, and develop your inherent leadership abilities from both inside and out. In an open, caring and respectful learning environment, Anderson will show you how business leaders think and behave in matters of work, life and interpersonal relationships. He will also guide you as you explore opportunities for self-growth as well as helping others grow.

Course Features

  • This course equips cross-cultural business leaders with awareness, thus enabling them to overcome the bottlenecks they or their businesses face. The course will:- inspire & enlighten you
    - awaken your inner leader and inherent ability for understanding human relationships
    - help you to understand more about yourself and others
    - transform what you have learned into unique leadership abilities
  • The workshop takes a holistic approach and is based on individual and relationship development programs developed by the Canada Life Quality Research Institution.
  • The course integrates the essence of ancient Chinese culture and equips enterprise managers with awareness, thus enabling them to follow the Tao of business and eliminate unnecessary obstacles.
  • Concepts from different fields are incorporated, such as psychological counseling, business coaching and inspiring creativity. It also combines Anderson's theoretical and practical experiences in Western countries and China.
  • The course also integrates a series of essential inspirational techniques, including:
    - enlightening
    - empowering
    - excelling
    - action planning
    - action process coaching
    - debriefing, evaluation
    - contextual listening
    - the power of silence
    - powerful questioning
    - enlightening feedback
    - appreciative inquiries
    - creative vs. descriptive language
    - overcoming difficult situations
    - useful strategies