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As a global enterprise, iLen is strongly aware of the responsibility it has toward society. iLen believes she has a responsibility to operate lawfully and ethically, to give back to society in a positive manner and to strive for the harmonious coexistence of people, society and nature. We strongly believe that when contributing to economic development, we should also take care of the environment and encourage sustainable development of both the corporation and society. Our corporate social responsibility practices can be categorized into four main areas, namely: integrity management, employee welfare, funding for good causes, and environmental responsibility.

Integrity management: Serving our customers to the highest standards

Integrity management is an attitude, and one that iLen is firmly committed to. For years, iLen has adhered to the guiding principle of integrity management, and has strived to maintain the company's well-deserved reputation. We are honest and open with our employees, and we operate with integrity and serve our customers with sincerity. We pick our talent with care and examine every work procedure in detail, so we can respond to our customers' needs and considerations with efficiency and quality. We have never been involved in any legal or ethical dispute.

Since our establishment, our reputation has grown through this integrity of service and word-of-mouth. We have successfully won the trust of existing customers, and we are proud of the fact that our customers often recommend us as a service provider to their partners or friends.

Employee welfare: Achieving anything through cooperation

iLen cares for every one of its employees. We ensure that all employees' rights are respected and we offer great benefits for them while they work with us. Further benefits include: regular physical examinations, marriage and birth benefits, traditional holiday gifts, birthday blessings and yearly traveling benefits. We regularly organize outdoor activities such as ball games and hiking, which helps to enrich their leisure time. In 2010 and 2012, the company arranged a 5-day and a 3-day spiritual/personal growth program to inspire our employees and to help them achieve their life goals. We believe we can achieve anything by looking after our employees and fostering a work environment of willing cooperation.

Funding for good causes: Helping in any small way we can

iLen believes that corporations are an integral part of any society, each gives back to the other for mutual benefit. When we see those in need of aid, we like to offer our support. Recent examples include the fight against SARS and the relief efforts after the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes. iLen helped the Red Cross provide humanitarian aid through corporate sponsorship and employee donations.

iLen encourages employees to actively participate in our public welfare programs, such as helping people living in remote regions. In 2007, all employees of the company went with our CEO, Anderson Wang, to Machong Primary School in Fenghuang County of Hunan Province. We were there to donate teaching materials and resources to the school and to visit the underprivileged students who had received financial aid from iLen. Since then, the company has continued to raise money through charity bazaars, waste collection and other activities, with the money raised going to the school.

Furthermore, iLen has designated ambassadors who make regular visits to the elderly and children who reside in care homes. 

Environmental responsibility: We practice it in all of our daily activities

The business of localization is naturally a low emissions, low pollution and low energy consumption industry. However, iLen still takes energy-saving and environmental protection seriously. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce the impact of our company on the environment, and try to build a resource-saving, environmentally-friendly enterprise.

We do all this by integrating environmental responsibility into our daily work processes. We encourage all employees to reduce their own carbon footprint by taking public transportation and by powering off all electronic devices after finishing work for the day. We are acutely aware of the need to conserve resources and so we promote reuse whenever possible and have a recycling program for when items can no longer be reused. We strive for a paperless office by storing data digitally and make use of natural resources to control the office heating, refrigeration and lighting system. When purchasing, we advocate green procurement by considering the environmental impact of everything we buy, whether it be construction materials, decorations or equipment for the office. We make full use of modern network technologies to synchronize meetings held between our offices in Shenzhen and Chengdu, eliminating the need for business trips. 

iLen firmly believes, if every enterprise, every department and every family take initiatives to save energy, reduce emissions and integrate a green way of thinking into every aspect of their daily activities, we will create a much better world for us and our children.