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Technical Expertise

We attach importance and pay attention to the technological development of the localization industry. We have been using CAT tools and QA tools since the day we started our business, and we are confident in saying that we are experts in their use! We understand how to get the most out of localization tools and technologies to assure quality, efficiency and consistency in all your projects.

Technical Expertise

  • In-house CAT experts familiar with the latest localization technology.
  • All CAT tools are supported, including SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, MemSource, Passolo, Catalyst, XTM, Wordfast, etc.
  • All popular QA tools are supported, including Verifica, Xbench, QA Distiller, HMCheck etc.
  • We invest a lot of time, energy and money toward learning and developing technical tools for efficient and superior services.
  • In-house DTP and engineering teams to ensure your project is customized to your own specifications.
  • Save on your own technical, training and communication costs by stating your required format and delivery requirements. We will do the rest.
Commitment to Quality

Quality is always a priority at iLen. We adhere the requirements of ISO quality certification, and are committed to providing high quality localization service possible while making the process more efficient and lowering costs at the same time. To guarantee delivery of high-quality services, we implement ISO9001 and ISO17100-certified Quality Management System and quality assurance in all areas of our company, including staff selection and training, process control, and use of technical tools. We also communicate closely with our clients throughout the project to make sure that instructions are followed and feedback is taken into account. We find that this close communication and reciprocal feedback really helps with improving quality, while giving clients the chance to discover problems in their own documents and processes. Through our commitment to quality, we provide superior services and results, which mean our clients retain our services again and again.

A Stable Team of Experts

We have an excellent, stable team of loyal employees who want a long-term future with iLen. A healthy and harmonious corporate culture has kept our employee turnover below 3% over the years, which means we can provide you with consistently high-quality service. We follow a stringent recruitment process to ensure that our staff can deal with localization needs in different fields with a wide range of experiences and professional backgrounds. We also believe that the working environment is crucial for helping those with strong skills to flourish. Therefore, we encourage innovation and want our employees to challenge themselves, each other, and the way in which their work is done. In this way, the company moves forward, remains dynamic, and our employees can feel excited about what they do. Here at iLen, we strive to create a comfortable, friendly and pleasant environment, which present and former employees have highlighted as being particularly enjoyable.

Efficient Responsiveness

We take a client-centric approach, providing you with immediate, efficient, flexible and attentive services. During working hours, our account managers and project managers respond to your needs within one hour. And during non-working hours, we check urgent emails and reply until 10:30 p.m. (GMT+8). Emergency contact numbers are also provided. If we receive advance notice of upcoming projects, we can arrange resources even during holidays. Thanks to the dedication of our employees and the company's service-oriented approach, we can support and help you continuously and efficiently, regardless of the time differences between us!

Continuous Client Satisfaction

We consider client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our business. Our long-term cooperation model and high-level services have resulted in over 90% customer satisfaction. Despite this, we strive to always improve, and our efforts have helped us win the trust of our customers. The vast majority of our new clients have come from referrals from existing clients, which is a source of great pride for the entire iLen team. We will continue to focus on your needs and being your preferred Asian language service provider.

iLen regards client satisfaction as the foundation. The concept of long-term cooperation brings continuous client satisfaction. Please refer to the following reviews from some of our clients, and that explains why iLen can win the favor of our clients and become a long-term strategic partner of them.

As always, I am forever thankful for having the chance to count on, you really make me shine last time… everyone was so impress, happy and thankful, and everybody at ICANN knows, it was you and your team who made it happen by going the extra 1000 miles.

Christina M Rodriguez, ICANN

Your translation is well structured and smooth. That's why we chose iLen as our vendor although we can find vendors who offer lower prices. Thank you so much for your hard work...

Ning Zhou, Caterpillar Inc.

Yes, the vendor is correct by giving those great suggestions. Please give the Chinese vendor my thanks for catching these problems for me. This localization vendor is very good and professional!

Barb Taylor-Brunner, McAfee

I can't tell you enough how pleased we are to be working with you and the fine people in your company! You have extraordinary people and we're glad every day we've found a wonderful group of people – and a fine company to partner with in China! Thank you for your professionalism and great support! You all are the BEST!!

Brenda Hall, Bridge360, Inc.

I have worked with many topnotch in-country vendors in L10N fields. Among all the vendors, iLen Technology stood out for their client oriented services, timely delivery, high quality and relatively low costs. They not only think among with client, but also ahead of client. They made my work very easy and pleasant!

Mandy He, McAfee

My colleagues and I in the UK have been hugely impressed by the range of specialist localization skills and professionalism of the iLen team. Quality, capacity and flexibility are crucial to the relationships we have with our global customers, and our partner relationship with iLen has added significantly in all areas.

Paul, 3di Information Solutions Ltd.

I am so happy to be working with you for all these Asian languages. It makes my job much easier knowing that you are so reliable and always on time and quick to respond.

Désirée, Adapt

Just for your information, we really enjoy working with you and appreciate your responsiveness, enthusiasm and quality.
The quality of the work produced by i-len is always first class and I'd be happy to provide such a recommendation if you can point me in the right direction.

Rhys Tyler, Word Class

The Project Management team met this week and it was brought to my attention that the PM group all agreed that the quality of the deliverables from i-Len were superior to those we receive from our other current vendors.

Dina Rodrigues, CQ fluency

Thanks again for all of your help. I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that your team has put in to this project – we definitely feel confident that our projects are in good hands with your team.

Justin Clark, ForeignExchange Translations

I trust the quality if it's produced by iLen, your teams fully understand what is quality. Even though I didn't mention before, I planned to give all the new jobs to iLen!

Chang, Heartsome Holdings

The client was extremely impressed with the amount of detail that iLen provided in their explanations of their changes. The team was very patient with each round of queries from the client and delivered their responses in a very timely fashion. We were so pleased with their work that the client would like to have iLen as the dedicated vendor for all the client's zh-CN projects.

Tatiana Kireeva, Morningside Translations