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Game Industry

Game Industry

Nowadays, with the sustained and rapid development of the global game industry, China has become one of the most important markets in the world. Many game companies want to launch multilingual versions of games together with the original version.

We have an established game localization team made up of experienced gamers, which offers you a complete solution, including translation, localization testing, multimedia processing and much more. We enable your game to enter new markets and help establish your reputation.

Content We Localize
  • Game UI
  • Game Dialogues
  • Game Instructions
  • Game Marketing
  • Strategy Guide
  • More...
The Key Points of Gaming Localization

The Key Points of Gaming Localization

With constantly evolving computer hardware and software, the gaming industry has grown massively and now presents us with more compelling, well-crafted and varied games than ever before. In recent years, we have witnessed a huge surge in the popularity of mobile games, as well as an emerging VR gaming market. Faced with these new trends, we as professionals are using our years of accumulated knowledge and experience in gaming localization as a guide to help us adapt and maintain our renowned localization service.

Project Background

Our client was a world-renowned online poker game provider. The project involved Chinese localization of the main website (contains game rules, news, promotions, and other contents), game strategy lesson website (online lessons, interactive learning zone, game replay analysis, players' blogs, and other multimedia content), as well as the software client. We were also responsible for carrying out QA of localized files in all languages and database maintenance.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Result
  • As it was a new domain for us, there was a learning curve.
  • The same content was often found in different areas of the business, making it difficult to achieve translation consistency across all areas.
  • The project lasted for more than four years, from 2008 to 2013.
  • Video script translation experience was needed to handle the client's multimedia information.
  • With QA required for as many as 28 languages, the challenges included unfamiliarity with the written scripts, ambiguous process, and complicated website codes.
  • We set up a specialized project team at the start of the project, and gave the team members relevant training.
  • Team members collaborated and discussed problems as they were encountered. A centralized knowledge base was set up for easy reference for existing and new team members.
  • A glossary was created at the beginning of the project, then revised and distributed frequently during the project.
  • The translation memory was updated and shared frequently for increased translation accuracy and consistency.
  • Based on the characteristics of the video game project, the choice of words used in the translation was fine-tuned in order to make the video game captivating.
  • Team members were assigned to carry out QA and the best tools were selected for the optimal solution.
  • The translation memory was updated for all languages using CAT tools to ensure translation quality.

After more than two years of hard work, we have accumulated a lot of experience in handling video game projects. Today, we are able to provide complete localization solutions for such projects. We used to be one of many vendors the client worked with, but now we are the client's exclusive vendor.

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