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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is always a priority at iLen. To guarantee delivery of high-quality services, we implement quality assurance in all areas of our company, including staff selection and training, process control, and use of technical tools. Quality assurance is also implemented throughout the entire duration of a project to help us prevent, find, and solve problems immediately. With this emphasis, we provide the most efficient service, and results that mean our clients retain our services again and again.

Talent strategy

Talent strategy

At iLen, quality is our top priority. We believe that successful localization is not only dependent on good processes and tools, but also dependent on our human efforts. Only when the staffs at every part have qualified skills, responsible attitude and keen insight can they always provide clients with assured and high quality service.

Tools and Technology

We use many localization tools and technologies to assure quality, efficiency, and consistency in all our projects. Furthermore, we have software engineers who develop tools specifically for our use to help with the execution of all kinds of tasks. Our technical aids include:

  • CAT tools

    SDL Trados Studio
    CAT tools

    iLen uses all standard Computer Assisted Translation tools on the market. Upon request, we will also use non-standard tools to fulfill certain requirements.

  • QA tools

    Numeric mismatches in a translated file
    Inconsistencies in translation
    Untranslated segments
    Terminology inconsistencies
    Punctuation Matches
    QA tools

    As part of our project process, we run checks through Xbench, Verifica, QA Distiller, HMCheck or other QA tools before delivering a project. These QA tools have multiple features and interesting options for Quality Assurance.

  • Project Management System

    Project Management
    File Management
    Invoice Management
    Customer Management
    Resource Management
    Quality Management
    Evaluation Management
    Report Statistics
    System Management
    Project Management System

    This is a management system customized by iLen for managing localization projects. It is used to manage and analyze the personnel, files, and process in a project to ensure it is completed according to the pre-determined budget, schedule, and quality.

Project Process Control

We strictly follow ISO17100 and ISO90001 standard operating procedure for our projects. Every step is performed by a different staff member, which means there is always a fresh pair of eyes to assess quality.

During project preparation, production and delivery, we always maintain close communication with you to ensure that your instructions and feedback are implemented as required.

When we encounter problems or have questions, we leverage our extensive experience and professional skills to provide you with reasonable suggestions, submit query logs and work with you to find the best solution. We help you make more informed decisions, avoid potential problems and further improve the quality of the project while saving costs and improving efficiency.

Download Our Project Flow Charts:

  • Document Translation Workflow
  • Game Localization Workflow
  • Software Localization Workflow
  • Website Localization Workflow
  • Multimedia Localization Workflow
  • Desktop Publishing Workflow