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Multimedia Industry

Multimedia Industry

With the rapid growth of the Internet, multimedia is being used more and more for online education, marketing videos, visual training, product information and user-generated content. Multimedia is often intuitive, engaging and easily shared, which makes it a more efficient way to promote interaction and communication. It is therefore increasingly adopted by businesses and popular among users. Our multilingual resources help you transform multimedia materials into multiple language versions in line with your global deployment strategy.

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Project Background

Our client is an innovative enterprise in the health care industry, focusing on medicine and medical instrument R&D to help people live healthy and happy lives. The client's project was an online interactive learning system for training quality control to internal personnel created with the professional e-Learning software Articulate Studio & Adobe Flash. Our task was to localize the English version of the learning system into 8 languages to help the client's employees all over the world to learn their company's QCS and thereby realize the client's goals for product control.

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In order to provide better service for the client and help the client release the learning system on schedule, we were faced with the following challenges:

  • A lot of time was needed to manually resolve localization engineering problems caused by the software being unable to properly support Asian languages.
  • Time constraints. The client required localization of 4 software courses per language into 8 languages in a very short time frame.
  • The localized documents provided by the client presented many challenges including omissions and uncertainties which necessitated constant communication with the client. We then had to ensure all feedback was implemented.
  • During the project, the client continuously updated the source, which required frequent updates to all corresponding target languages.
  • The client did not provide clear instructions for the project documents. As a result, the project team had to compare, analyze and seek client's confirmation to make sure the purpose of each document was understood.
  • We followed the client's instructions closely and organized the project team (AM, P M, translation team, localization engineering team and QA team) to learn the latest instructions and references in time to ensure that the client's requirements, the purpose of the product and the structure of the whole process were understood correctly by each member of the team.
  • We created a shared form for tracking project questions, which all project members could fill in or review in real time. The PM sent feedback to the client on a regular basis every day and recorded the results in the shared form.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the project, we arranged for experienced engineers to resolve localization problems caused by problems in the Articulate Studio software.
  • We held regular group meetings to manage project problems and solutions so as to reduce resolution time and improve efficiency.
  • We built an online discussion community where members could pose questions for other members to know. This helped eliminate duplication of work.

With strict project quality control, iLen Technology focused on communication and cooperation from the very beginning of the project to ensure optimum efficiency and quality. The team excelled at summarizing and analyzing when faced with various complex problems, which ensured that the project was completed on schedule. We received high praise from the client for a job well done.

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