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Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) is an essential part of the localization process. Minor errors in the layout, images, text and punctuation can affect first impressions of the company's product or brand. In addition, localized marketing and training materials that adhere to local publishing standards can greatly enhance the user experience of the target audience and attract more users.

iLen provides professional DTP, cross-media production, graphic design and prepress typesetting services. We work with Mac and Windows operating systems and can provide Asian, European and bi-directional multilingual localization typesetting, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Our experienced and detail-oriented DTP team can find problems in the source files that lead to inefficiencies and help you identify potential translation problems in the target language. When you choose iLen, you get more than just excellent documents in multiple languages.

Multilingual DTP Services
  • Formatting

    We match the layout of the target language to that of the source file and ensure it meets the language and printing standards of every target market.

  • Image Editing

    We edit and create images with embedded text and capture screenshots from the localized graphical user interface (GUI).

    Image Editing
  • Text Extraction

    We use tools and plugins to extract text that needs to be translated and save it in file formats supported by CAT tools.

    Text Extraction
  • File Recreation

    Based on a scanned PDF or image, we can create multiple types of source file templates and document designs, e.g., MS Word, InDesign, FrameMaker, etc.

    File Recreation
  • FQA

    We capture all problems flexibly, accurately and quickly according to the language and typesetting rules of different countries.

  • Fillable Form Creation

    We use PDFs, InDesign, LiveCycle and other tools to create fillable forms, such as text fields, checkboxes and signature fields to achieve convenient information input and collection.

    Fillable Form Creation
  • All European languages
  • Double-byte Asian languages
  • Bi-directional languages
DTP Tools
  • InDesign

  • Illustrator

  • FrameMaker

  • Acrobat

  • LiveCycle

  • MS Word

  • MS Powerpoint

  • MS Excel

  • Publisher


  • Photoshop

  • Coreldraw