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Marketing Industry

Marketing Industry

At iLen, we know that mastery of the target language is as important as understanding the source language for translators, so we ensure we recruit internal translators and external freelancers who are native speakers of the target language. This ensures the translations are accurate and sound like what a native speaker would say. This has been the cornerstone of our high-quality translation services for many years.

Our reputation from translating other subject matters has proven our professionalism, and our successful record in translating marketing materials has demonstrated our linguistic excellence. In addition to accurate semantic conversion, marketing translation requires linguists to pay more attention to readability and avoiding "translationese".

Content We Localize
  • Product Introduction
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Publicity Materials
  • Successful Cases
  • Market Researches
  • e-Marketing Strategies
  • Advertising Auctions Mechanism
  • Website Texts
  • Marketing Funnel Analysis
Essentials for successful marketing localization

Essentials for successful marketing localization

Localization of marketing materials is a very common task for our translators. We are often tasked with localizing company profiles, product introductions, press releases, advertising slogans, promotional materials and many other marketing texts. This type of translation is often used for commercial publicity, so creativity and attractive writing is as important as its readability, comprehensibility, flow and fluency. Here are the essentials for successful marketing localization.

Project Background

Our client is a leading social network company. It develops advanced advertising and marketing tools for businesses and marketing partners who use social media for advertising and marketing, helping marketing campaigns to deliver great results and improve their return on advertising investment. We provide our client with translation services in innovative advertising and marketing tool instructions, advertising strategies and real-world success stories.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Result

Localization of such materials is directly related to potential customer development, so the client wants vivid, dynamic and professional translations. Some of the challenges are as follows:

  • Client has very high quality requirements.
  • The specific advertising marketing terminology required involves time spent becoming intimately familiar with the products
  • The company has its own unique language style.
  • The products are frequently developed and updated, so terminology needs to be updated too.
  • It's a long-term collaborative project, so the delivery requirement is strict with a heavy workload.
  • According to the project's characteristics, we selected translators with excellent writing skills to form the project team.
  • The project team familiarized themselves with the client’s products from information and training provided by the client.
  • We contact the client's reviewers directly to maintain good communication and solve problems in a timely manner.
  • We have team meetings to discuss customer feedback and to understand their language style and preferences.
  • We created and maintain termbases, translation memories and project guidelines. These CAT tools also help to save costs for the customer.

Ilen set up a dedicated team for this project. We continue to accumulate project-related knowledge and optimize team resources to provide consistently high-quality translations to meet the customer's needs and sustain this long-term collaboration.

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