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Life Science Industry

Life Science Industry

Accuracy of information and compliance are of utmost importance in the life science industry. Any mistake in translation might lead to personal harm or a product recall.

We only work with translators who have a medical or life science industry background and who are specialists in the field. We follow our stringent quality assurance process closely and liaise with you whenever clarification is needed. We have already amassed translation memories and glossaries for different life sciences fields and specializations. We are active in life sciences terminology training and retain libraries of information for future reference. We organize the team to learn relevant knowledge periodically, collect a large number of documents and multimedia training materials, and promote industry knowledge transfer. We also work with you to carry out post-translation project evaluation and revision, so that every future project benefit from the last.

  • Medical Devices

    General surgical instruments
    Interventional surgery instruments
    Heart rate control devices
    Sleep improvement devices
    Medical imaging instruments
    Medical Devices
  • Biopharmaceutical

    Coagulation Factor
    Gene therapy
    Antisense oligodeoxynucleotide
  • Drug Registration Application

    Drug preparation documentation
    New Drug Application
    Preclinical Studies
    Pharmacodynamics Studies
    Pharmacokinetics Studies
    Drug Registration Application
  • Medical Tests

    Blood glucose testing
    Drug blood concentration testing
    Immunoassay kit
    Pregnancy test
    Serum lipid test
    Bilirubin test
    Medical Tests
  • Clinical Trials

    Informed consent forms
    Clinical studies
    Clinical diagnosis
    Patient Information
    Study protocol
    Case-series study
    Periodic Safety Update Report
    Clinical Trials
  • Health Care

    Public Health Leaflet
    Women's Health Pamphlets
    Medical Insurance
    Health Care Service Instructions
    Antenatal care
    First Aid
    Health Care
Project Background

Our client is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. This translation project relates to a new antibiotic drug developed by the company, involving pharmacology, indications and contraindications, clinical research, practical application, drug interactions, animal toxicology and more. The drug is preparing to enter the local market.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Result

Full localization of drug descriptions is directly related to the local market access permits, so the client wants complete, accurate and professional localization services. Some of the challenges are as follows:

  • Because the life science industry is of vital importance, high-quality localization is paramount.
  • These projects are professional and very challenging, involving a wide range of areas of expertise, such as pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, cardiac electrophysiology and microbiology.
  • Some documents need to be prioritized and delivered in advance, leaving little time for translators to familiarize themselves with these projects.
  • According to the project's characteristics, we selected translators with a relevant professional background to form the project team.
  • We created a comprehensive and useful termbase based on the project's content.
  • Prior to the start of the project, the relevant personnel discussed and familiarized themselves with the expertise that may be encountered on the project.
  • After finishing the project, we invited external experts (practitioners) to confirm and finalize all the files.
  • We communicated closely with the client to ensure delivery dates and quality requirements were met.

Through the efforts of our internal medical team, the project was delivered successfully and according to requirements, allowing the client to enter the local market on time.

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