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Q. Does iLen provide 24-hour service? Is it open on holidays?
A. Our business hours are 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (GMT+8), Monday to Friday. However, our project managers often check their emails in the evening (latest at 10.30 p.m.) and can reply to urgent questions. It is our usual practice to give clients 7-10 days advance notice of our office closing for holidays.
Q. What if I have an urgent project or one that has to be completed during the time iLen is closed for holidays?
A. You can give advance notice to the project manager or account manager you are working with. We will do our best to arrange for someone to work overtime. If you have an urgent question during our non-business hours, you may call the cell phone of the project manager or account manager you are working with. When necessary, you may also contact our operations manager on her cell phone.
Q. Can iLen provide us with previous translations of similar documents to prove the quality of your work?
A. iLen abides by the confidentiality agreement it has signed with its clients, hence we are unable to provide you with previous translations. However, we can provide a free test translation of about 500 words to let you assess our quality.
Q. How does iLen guarantee the confidentiality of my project?
A. We will sign a confidentiality agreement with you before starting the project. We have already signed a confidentiality agreement with all our employees, freelancers, and partners. We can even set up an exclusive FTP account for you to ensure safe transmission of your project documents.
Q. What CAT tools does iLen use?
A. iLen is an expert in the industry in the use of CAT tools. We are also able to convert between formats of different CAT tools. We use Trados Studio, MemoQ, Catalyst, Passolo, XTM, Memsource, DejaVu, Wordfast, Star Transit, LocStudio, and other various other tools. If you have specific CAT tool requirements, please let us know the name and version of the CAT tool before the start of the project.
Q. Is it possible to use software to convert Simplified Chinese characters to Traditional Chinese characters directly before carrying out necessary editing?
A. Yes. There are indeed software programs that can convert Simplified Chinese characters to Traditional Chinese characters and vice versa. However, as a professional localization service provider, we do not recommend that you do this. Such conversion tools only convert the characters; they do not convert technical terms and style of expression. Furthermore, editing a converted text takes more time than directly editing a text written in the original language. Although the target audience will still understand the converted text, it will not read as if a native speaker wrote it and may sound unprofessional. Of course, if you are very cost-sensitive, it might be a solution.