Game Localization

We enhance immersion for local players with expertly localized games.

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Game Localization

Game Localization

Removing the language barrier for players and helping them become deeply immersed in the game world is the secret to successfully launching your game onto the global market and attracting international players. The core of game localization is text translation, but successful game localization is much more. Without a deep understanding of the game itself and the culture of the target language, the localized version may reduce the impact of the original game, degrade the gaming experience and fail to connect with players.

At iLen, our game localization team consists of experienced gamers, which means they can localize the game content accurately and add value to the game with flexible transcreation based on their intimate knowledge of the game and target language culture.

Game Localization Services
  • Game Text Localization

    Our professional gamer-translators ensure your masterpiece is presented authentically in each target language.

    Game Text Localization
  • Game Testing

    We help your game release successfully through UI testing, functional testing, usability testing and more.

    Game Testing
  • Game Dubbing

    We use professional dubbing equipment to create high-quality voiceover and give players an immersive experience.

    Game Dubbing
Game Genres
  • Role-playing Games (RPGs)

  • First Person Shooting (FPS) Games

  • Simulation Games (SLGs)

  • Sports Game (SPGs)

  • Casino Games

  • Casual Mobile Games

  • PC and Mac

  • Handheld Devices

  • Mobile Handsets

  • Consoles