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Website Localization

Website Localization

To break into international markets and expand your company's business globally, it is essential to have a multilingual and international website. With website localization, companies can gain a higher return from their investment in website infrastructure, content development and marketing campaigns.

A successful website localization project allows website visitors to easily access the content and functions of the commercial website in their own language. Website localization does not just involve text translation, but also localized content according to the target market. Our professional website localization team can help you succeed in the global market by converting your website into your target languages and adapting it to your target cultures.

Website Localization Services
  • Website Content Localization

    In addition to accuracy, readability is also a priority in website content localization. The translation will be clear, flowing and appealing.

    Website Content Localization
  • Website Graphic Localization

    The actual context of the images is thoroughly researched to ensure an appropriate translation.

    Website Graphic Localization
  • Video/Audio Localization

    Translations for video/audio subtitles will be as concise as possible and easy for the audience to read. Punctuation will be removed if necessary.

    Video/Audio Localization
  • Database Content Export and Localization

    CAT tools are used to process the exported content from the database, which reduces duplication, improves efficiency and ultimately reduces your localization costs.

    Database Content Export and Localization
  • Resource File Access and Localization

    It's very important to distinguish between translatable and untranslatable content in resource files to avoid errors and even software crashes.

    Resource File Access and Localization
  • Optimization and Updating of Localized Website

    Localized website content will be optimized and updated according to SEO techniques to improve visibility, while maximizing the promotional aspect of the website.

    Optimization and Updating of Localized Website
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Website Localization Tools
  • Access

  • Adobe Robohelp

  • Articulate Storyline

  • Articulate Studio

  • Dreamweaver

  • Madcap Flare