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IT & Software Industry

With the spread of globalization and rapid rise in sophistication of IT technology, the software localization industry has had to grow accordingly. Clients once requesting simple translation are now looking for complete localization solutions for multiple languages. This entails extracting source text, translation, integration, and language verification testing. Content requiring localization may include simple GUIs, but also peripheral products such as online help, PDF manuals, and product packaging.

As software companies try to seize the market in major geographical areas, more and more software products begin to release different language versions synchronously, which poses a new challenge to the efficiency and process optimization of localization companies. To help with these new challenges, we offer clients a one-stop solution.

Content We Localize
  • Database Technologies
  • Hardware Components
  • Help Files
  • Internet Technologies
  • Mobile Apps
  • Network Management
  • Network Security
  • Software UI
  • User Guides
Outline of the Process

Extraction of source text

CAT tools, which work with the specific software product, are used to extract translatable source text.


Terminology management is especially important in the software translation process to ensure consistency between all the elements being localized. Our terminology specialists use tools to extract highly repetitive terms. These terms are then translated based on the context. During translation, the terms are constantly revised according to the situation and confirmed with the client. Once translation is complete, QA tools are used to check the quality of all documents.


Different tools are used to compile the resource files into the required localized software products.

Language verification testing

Test cases are designed to carry out language verification testing of the localized software. Translations of the source text are revised based on the test results.

Project Background

Our client was a leading global provider of IT infrastructure management solutions. The software product to be localized was management software that controlled virtual devices, and both physical and virtual infrastructure based on a single visual interface. It enabled easier management, access, and expansion of data centers and remote offices, at the same time enhancing overall network security and network infrastructure stability.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Result

Our client continuously updated and upgraded its software product to cope with the increasingly complex market environment. Therefore, we faced the following challenges:

  • The client needed high levels of product quality, constantly raised project quality standards and frequently updated project instructions and requirements.
  • The client constantly updated or switched localization tools. Some of the new tools did not fully support Asian languages.
  • The client wanted one-stop localization services for this software product, including: translation and testing of software UI, translation and publishing of user manuals, compilation of online help, and translation and publishing of marketing materials such as technical release notes.
  • Besides regular projects, there were occasionally large urgent projects that required completion of the entire localization process in a very short period of time.
  • We followed the client's instructions closely and set up a project team (made up of an account manager, project manager, translation team, DTP team, localization engineering team, and QA team) to study and familiarize itself with all the latest instruction documents and reference materials in a timely manner to meet the client's requirements.
  • We created custom and dynamically updated translation memories and glossaries for the client.
  • We purchased/upgraded to the latest versions of the localization tools. We also studied the latest technology to seek solutions for Asian language support, in order to meet the client's technical demands.
  • We formed a stable localization team and conducted regular training to provide a comprehensive one-stop localization service model.
  • We built a test environment to perform remote testing according to the client's testing requirements. We tracked and fixed bugs with the Bug Tracking system, and synchronized the update process with the translation team.
  • We maintained timely communication with the client and proposed reasonable solutions when there was a large urgent project. We remained flexible in resource coordination to meet the client's needs for delivery of projects for global launch.

On top of providing high quality, comprehensive localization services, our fast, flexible response enabled us to meet the client's demands. Caring about what our client cared about, we actively provided solutions to problems the client was facing in the localization process. Because of the project's success, iLen has become the client's global preferred partner and Gold Partner for CCJK localization.

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