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Software Localization

Software Localization

With more than 15 years of experience in software localization and a team of talented localization professionals, iLen provides agile and customized solutions that meet your needs. We ensure your product is adapted to specific target markets and help you achieve simultaneous global distribution so you can capture market share at the first opportunity.

In addition to software UI, the localization of online help system, user manuals, technical support documents are also very important. With successful localization of online help systems, your users do not need to call toll-free technical support hotlines at your expense. This can significantly reduce technical support costs you might otherwise incur in the target market.

iLen has a lot of experiences in software Language Quality Assurance (LQA) and has visited software R&D centers in Europe, the United States, and other countries to perform language verification testing on the software of renowned companies such as McAfee and Avocent. We help companies to access new markets by widening their testing scope within budget, identifying problems accurately and quickly, and providing feasible solutions.

Software Localization Services
  • Software UI Localization

    Handling variables is one of the main challenges of software UI localization. Translations also will be short and accurate because of layout limitations.

    Software UI Localization
  • User Guide Localization

    For user guide localization, linguists will stay consistent with the existing localized software UI or use a bilingual format if the software is not localized.

    User Guide Localization
  • Multilingual LQA Testing

    The focus of multilingual LQA testing is to check the suitability of the translation in the actual running environment. Avoiding orphan words is another consideration.

    Multilingual LQA Testing
  • Tech Support Documentation Localization

    Technical details will be translated carefully and, if necessary, the client is consulted to ensure an accurate translation.

    Tech Support Documentation Localization
  • Online Help System Localization

    This is similar to user guide localization. In addition, index words will be handled flexibly according to the characteristics of the target language to improve retrieval efficiency.

    Online Help System Localization
  • Localized SW UI Screenshots Generation

    This involves accurately reproducing software UI screenshots in localized software and capturing the localized version of screenshots.

    Localized SW UI Screenshots Generation
Checkpoints of Our Language Verification Testing
Does the translation fit the context?
Basic translation errors like spelling mistakes are caught at the translation stage, so language verification testing focuses on translation problems that may have arisen due to lack of context or ambiguity.
Do fields requiring user input work with the target language?
Software written using single-byte characters (e.g. English) might have problems supporting double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese). During testing, testers will type the target language into fields requiring user input to check whether the software supports the language.
Is any text cut off?
After source text is translated into other languages, the length of the text might change. Our testers will check whether any text in interface elements, such as tags, message boxes, and tabs, are cut off.
Do hot keys and shortcut keys work properly?
Testers will check whether hot keys and shortcut keys are working properly, as well as whether any configuration is repeated or missing.
Are there missing translations?
In the process of extracting text for translation, some text might not be extracted for various reasons. Testers will identify and immediately report such problems and the translation will be updated after the correct text is obtained.
Does the software support data formats and units of the target language?
Testers will check whether the currency, time, weight and measures, and sorting method used in the software are used in the target market.
Software Localization Tools
  • Adobe Robohelp

  • Catalyst

  • Madcap Flare

  • Madcap Lingo

  • Passolo

  • Radialix

  • Sisulizer