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Reaching out to those less fortunate

May 21, 2017, was a day to show how much we cared. A group of iLen volunteers went to visit the young children at Zhikang Special Child Rehabilitation Center at Shenzhen Longgang District.

More than 130 children live in the Rehabilitation Center. They all have disabilities and were abandoned by their parents from a young age. But they were lucky to have been adopted by this special institution and are receiving excellent care, training and spiritual comfort.

The volunteers brought supplies such as milk, cakes, fruit and diapers. The children were full of smiles, wanted to shake hands and reached out to embrace us. We saw their desire for love and were deeply moved by the whole experience. We spent an unforgettable time with them and will not forget them. We plan to take an even greater role in social responsibility to ensure the children know there are people out there who care for them. We hope they feel the love every day.