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Caring for future generations on Children's Day

As an old Chinese saying goes, "Love my own children and extend the same love to the children of others." Every year, on the eve of Children's Day, iLen always does some charitable activities for children. This year we found 112 children from Huaqi Primary School in Guizhou Province through a charity platform. These children living in the mountains not only have a shortage of extracurricular books and sports equipment, but also yearn for a simple pair of rain boots. When we learned of their needs, the company immediately donated funds to purchase the materials needed and called on all employees to collectively contribute. Employees from Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha branches also volunteered to donate money and materials. A book, a skipping rope, a pair of rain boots, a basketball, a pair of rackets: all these items were given to the children out of concern and with the blessings of iLen people. iLen is proud to do our part for children and to spread the joy.