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Achieving a Tripartite Win by Focusing on Individual Core Strengths

In the context of economic globalization, division of labor has infiltrated all walks of life and the localization industry is no exception. Typically, multinational companies tend to choose MLVs (Multi Language Vendors) who are able to provide one-stop multilingual services, and then MLVs distribute these services to Regional Vendors or SLVs (Single Language Vendors). As a Regional Vendor or SLV, how can we bring greater value to clients in addition to quality project delivery? With a real-world example, iLen will tell you how we achieved what we call a "Tripartite Win" in business collaboration.

In the afternoon of Oct. 12, 2015, Jane visited iLen Chengdu office on behalf of a well-known multinational company that works with Moravia, a famous MLV. Jane had a meeting with our team members who are responsible for projects from that multinational company. Language services for this multinational company involve about 100 languages with high quality demands. Among them, Simplified Chinese is the top priority. That's why this client set up internal reviewers and requires these reviewers to directly communicate with translators over translation queries. Over the past few years, our team has been actively listening to feedback from these reviewers and quickly integrating this feedback into our processes. By providing excellent translation quality, we have received nothing but favorable comments from all relevant internal teams of that company. During Jane's visit, we knew that we represented not just iLen, but also our client Moravia. As we have always said, we act exactly like an extension of our client's office in Asia. As a result of this meeting, Jane gained renewed confidence in our ability to increase production capacity while maintaining quality. She indicated that more business volume in Simplified Chinese is to be expected for Moravia, and iLen will obviously benefit from it.

Through this business collaboration, we believe that the Regional Vendors or SLVs, MLVs and end customers can achieve a Tripartite Win by focusing on their respective strengths. As shown in this example, iLen is focused on production processes, quality management and delivering project files that can be directly delivered to the end customer. We maintain real-time communication with the end customer's internal reviewers and this has effectively reduced internal management pressure and communication costs between Moravia and the end customer. Meanwhile, Moravia is focused on the selection and assessment of vendors and coordinates multilingual projects for each language. As for the end customer, they can offload the cumbersome project management of over 100 languages and focus on their core business. With this collaboration, the three parties create their own value. This cannot be achieved without mutual trust and respect. As long as you regard others as value creators, they will bring value. This is true for employees as well as for clients.

By focusing on our own core strengths, we can take a new approach to mutual cooperation and look forward to more win-win-win situations in the coming year.