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New Office for iLen Chengdu Branch

In April, iLen Chengdu Branch moved to a new office with all-new decor. A lively relocation ceremony was held for all Chengdu employees by General Manager Anderson and Operations Manager Windy to celebrate the company's new premises.

iLen Chengdu Branch opened in 2010. It grew from humble beginnings to become a successful branch of the wider iLen family. The actual office has changed several times, but this new location is still near to the center and conveniently accessible. The office size has nearly doubled and offers much better views. During breaks, employees can enjoy the outside scenery while standing on the balcony. The decor is modest, warm and functional. The inclusion of plants helps to bring nature inside. The iLen story and our goals will now continue in this new location. We are excited to start this new chapter in our history.