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iLen gains ISO17100 certification

iLen was recently awarded certification for the ISO17100:2015 Translation Services standard. It is another international standardization certification awarded to our company after being certified under the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard.

 ISO17100 is an international certification based on the EN 15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers. It focuses on defining the qualifications of translators, editors, proofreaders and project managers, and clarifies essential resources, procedures, guidelines and compliance requirements to guarantee high-quality translation services. We had been looking forward to the introduction of ISO17100 for several years, but unfortunately there was no certification organization in Mainland China to provide the service. That's why we applied for it quickly this year as soon as we learned there was finally an organization to provide the service. Thanks to our longstanding standardized management, we become one of the few localization companies in China to be certified under the standard.

 Compared with ISO9001, which is also concerned with quality, ISO17100 places more focus on the translation industry and puts forward more detailed requirements for translation services. ISO9001 is a generic specification for various industries and serves as a guide for companies to systematically and scientifically improve the quality of their products and services to increase customer satisfaction. These two systems complement each other and provide more professional guidance for our quality assurance. We are committed to learning from advanced international experience so we can continue to improve and provide customers with standardized and high-quality services.