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Book Donation Action – Enriching Life Through Knowledge

After more than 40 days in transit, 267 books and 90 sets of stationery finally arrived at Geletuo Primary School in Sichuan Province before 2014 Children's Day. This was a special Children's Day gift from iLen for the 75 children who attend that school. The school is located in the most remote town of Seda country in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Due to its location and associated transport difficulties, the books had to switch carriers several times before arrival. These books are a token of our care and we hope they are invaluable sources of knowledge to the children of this mountainous region.

The books for Geletuo Primary School were collected through the company's "Enriching Life Through Knowledge" book donation program. Its aim is to introduce children living in remote areas to the joys of reading and to enrich their lives through knowledge. After discussions with the local teachers, we purchased urgently needed Tibetan books and Chinese books suitable for children of different ages, including drawing, stories, history, science and technology books, and Chinese and famous foreign works. Employees from Shenzhen and Chengdu participated in this program by donating books and money.

This donation was but a small part of the social contribution we will continue to provide going forward.